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Atlantic Imaging Group, LLC (ATLANTIC) New Jersey's largest Diagnostic Radiology Network has announced that beginning with claim dates of service October 1, 2000 ATLANTIC will begin pre-funding claims within 72 hours of the receipt of a clean claim. ATLANTIC was developed in 1999 as the first truly auto network whose inception was based upon the Auto Insurance Reduction Act of 1998. ATLANTIC has been providing services to Liberty Mutual and National Healthcare Resources, whose clients include: ALLSTATE, PALISADES SAFETY, and 14 other carriers.

ATLANTIC is introducing the 72-hour pre-funding initiative to show support for the 95 facilities who have agreed to discounts of up to 52% off of the normal rates charged for Diagnostic radiology services and to enhance the reputation of the clients it provides services to. ATLANTIC's, President Dr. William J. DeGasperis described the move remuneration for the standard PPO promise of directed care along with accelerated payments. " As providers have learned, very often the equation is not met and providers suffer by providing discounted services while still experiencing significant delays in re-imbursement. This is our way to balance the equation and in the process build support for the network form our providers and our clients."

The capability to pre-fund a claim prior to re-imbursement by the carrier is based upon the use of sophisticated claims technology by ATLANTIC through the use of The system is the first Web based claims system to display the HCFA-1500 form on the Web and validate the information at the time of submission. The system almost instantly recognizes a clean claim as opposed to a claim lacking the proper information. iHCFA has the ability to track the pre-funding and adjust any underpayments, co-pays, or deductibles out of future submissions. The system also allows the payors case manager or the ATLANTIC scheduling department to begin the claims input process at the time the patient is authorized or scheduled. In addition, powerful reporting allows ATLANTIC clients to receive savings reports to gauge the benefits of using ATLANTIC.

Dr. DeGasperis will be showing the technology of at the upcoming ICNJ annual meeting on November 15, 2000. Interested parties may visit the ATLANTIC web site at iHCFA may be visited at Information on ATLANTIC may be provided by calling 973-451-9415.